Elekta Care™ is our comprehensive services program designed to support you throughout your entire Elekta experience. Elekta Care encompasses all services provided by us – including service and support, education and training, and consultative services.

Elekta Care is designed to help you maximize the use of your Elekta system, so you can focus on your patients and practice. And it’s now easier than ever for you to access what you need – from customer support to numerous valuable services and resources – all in one place and backed by Elekta Care’s global support network. It’s part of our commitment to provide you thorough, personalized customer care so you can make the most of your Elekta technology investment throughout its lifecycle.

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Elekta Care Service Agreements

To help you continue to get the most out of your technology over its lifetime, Elekta offers extended coverage options beyond your system’s warranty period. Elekta service agreement options help maximize clinical availability and utilization for all solutions in the Elekta portfolio, including Leksell Gamma Knife®, oncology solutions, brachytherapy, MOSAIQ®, and treatment planning.

Because service agreements differ depending on the specific Elekta solution, we have developed tiers that represent various levels of coverage to better support your needs.

If you have your own in-house support or prefer to pay for service on a parts-and-labor basis, a Silver level agreement provides a minimum level of coverage for reliable efficiency at competitive pricing. For most, the Gold tier offers the most appropriate level of coverage. And, for comprehensive coverage that includes benefits such as increased guaranteed uptimes and future-proof technology, the Platinum tier offers enhanced performance on key elements.


Elekta Care Platinum level is designed to provide you with total confidence that your equipment will continue to perform at its optimum level. Platinum agreements provide comprehensive coverage that ensures your Elekta product remains current and your staff educated to use it to its fullest capabilities with features such as technology refresh, unique components and annual training reviews.

With Elekta Care Platinum you will Guarantee technical specification protection, Maximize system’s clinical capabilities and Protect and enhance technology investment. 

Elekta Care Learning Credits coverage in Elekta Care Platinum, facilitates transactions for any kind of training. To be used for any course by Elekta Care Learning.

Instant access to system information through MOSAIQ® Oncology Analytics to help in planning daily activities and resource allocations.

Gold level agreements offer more advanced operational benefits and more sophisticated lifecycle planning, such as uptime guaranteed, software upgrades, spare parts, and corrective maintenance.

This will give you Enhance system’s operational efficiency, Predictable costs and Safeguard clinical performance.

Depending on the product covered, Silver level agreements may include planned maintenance, remote services, access to our SupportPlus™ customer portal, software updates, and other services.

This will allow you to maintain reliable system, protect investment and minimize patient risk


Your local sales or service representative can review with you the Elekta Care service agreement options and respective benefits for your specific Elekta solutions and provide a detailed quote itemizing all of your service entitlements across Silver, Gold or Platinum levels.

For more information contact the local support number for your area, found in the support section.

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